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"I have been working with Meredith at my home for about nine months and she's helped me transform from a couch potato to a strong, fit senior!  Believe me, if it had not been for Meredith's workouts, I'd still be sitting in a chair getting weaker and more unhappy with myself.  I highly recommend her because she is effective for any fitness level and she can work around old injuries.  Not only can you get a good workout in a half hour, you'll benefit from her positive attitude and life coaching skills.  Her fee is reasonable, too."    --- Andrea V.


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"When I first met Meredith I was impressed by her many accomplishments as an athlete and trainer.  After injuring my back and needing to take extra care while working out and feeling at sea about my fitness and weight-loss attempts, a friend told me about her experience working with Meredith one-on one. I could not wait to get in touch with Meredith to see what we could do together.  I just recently made a 6 month commitment to myself and have begun my journey of self discovery, new found fitness, quicker weight-loss, and healing by working with Meredith.  Her gift of compassion, knowledge of health and fitness, personal experience with intensive training and down to earth coaching have made my first 4 weeks super successful.  I have finally (in over 2 years of committed effort) watched to scale move in the direction I want, have pants become baggy in all the right places, and the best part is to feel so much better about all of my health decisions.  Meredith is the best cheerleader, coach and guide!  She is really present and committed to her time with me and I feel like that engagement is what helps me really look in the mirror and see what I need to do to be the BEST me I can BE!  I have only high praise for Meredith's ability to give me and other women the gift of being stronger, wiser, healthier, happier in my/our own skin!  If you haven't picked up the phone yet to call her - DO IT!  You will be thrilled you did.  I sure am!!  Meredith is a 5-star champion!"    --- Trish D.

"Meredith is an amazing coach and trainer who has a systematic and scientific approach to everything she does. She cuts through jargon to simplify yet challenge your ideas about fitness and life goals. She uses her own experience as an athlete and mom to give you concrete advice and coaching. I highly recommend her"    --- Amanda M.

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"Meredith has -- in 3 years -- made me more fit at 58 than I was at 48... maybe even at 38!  She's an amazing coach... tenacious but tactful, funny, and fun.  She's always thinking about how to keep the sessions engaging and challenging, and takes a holistic approach to the health and well being of her clients.  I credit her entirely for my new-found strength, agility, stamina, and optimism.  5 stars to Meredith!"    --- Susan D.

"Meredith is an amazing athlete and coach. With her guidance, my family and I were able to finish a 100 mile bike ride. I tried training myself the year before, but was not adequately prepared to finish the ride. I learned many riding skills from Meredith. I am a better rider, and I enjoy riding more. She is always positive and patient.  I highly recommend Meredith"    --- Marlene S.

"Meredith is more than a coach, she is a guide. She instinctively knows how to point you in the right direction. Just three months ago -- I was miserable, both physically, emotionally and professionally... today I can say that I am confidently moving towards what I truly need in life. Thank you Meredith. I hope others can benefit from your great work."    --- Kate R.


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1 on 1: 10 Session Packages

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"Meredith is an amazing athlete and human being.  I was in rehab for surgery and I needed a coach that would be knowledgeable and gentle at the same time.  Meredith has a contagious positive attitude that helped me a great deal in my recovery process.
It is very rare to find the right combination of personal and professional skills in a coach.
I very highly recommend Meredith as a life coach and personal trainer.  In addition I found Meredith to have the greatest integrity.
She is the real deal!"    --- Philippe G.

"I can't speak highly enough about Meredith Mills.  Her knowledge of TRX training and her ability to transmit exactly what it is you need is exceptional.  She has transformed my life with simple exercises that work exactly what needs working. I  am older now, someone who has been active throughout my life (yoga, bicycling, dance ) but nothing compares to Meredith and her TRX training.  What she has given me will last a lifetime"    --- B.B.

"Meredith was my personal trainer and my TRX instructor. She offered just the right amount of toughness and kindness. She knows women's bodies well and she worked with me to develop a fitness and nutrition regimen that had me strong and lean within weeks. Plus, we laughed a lot during workouts!"    --- Monika M.

"As a new owner of business I was looking for someone who HAD done it and proved their success.  Meredith was the person I was looking for and ready to learn from.  She has an incredible  sense of  direction  and focus, every time we talk she can show me ways that are on the mark, clear and organized.
She is a warm and caring women who cares about the women around her.
She will lead the way with clarity integrity and kindness.  I am happy I have her on my side to grow and achieve  the best of myself and my services.  She is a Magic Coach!!!!"    --- Ronit A.


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