Movement, Mindset & Nutrition Heal

Meredith Mills Coaching 

  ​​Hi, I am Meredith Mills, I am not just... "any trainer or coach" and this is why:

I have been passionate about health and fitness my entire life. In fact as far back as I can remember I’ve been drawn to nutrition, moving and feeling good.  Which is why my coaching motto is:

"Nutrition Heals, Mindset Heals and Movement Heals" ---Meredith Mills 

My health and fitness journey started at an early age, I can remember buying my first “diet” book when I was 12 and going on my first run shortly after that. My parents were both active and healthy but they were not sports fanatics nor were they into competitive or organized sports.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in an all girl family.  I didn’t have any brothers to follow athletically so I found athletic endeavors myself.

My Athlete Journey:

At age 12 - I started running

At age 15 - I started cycling

At age 16 - As a High School Sophomore Varsity runner I finished 3rd in my City and helped take my              

                   Team to State Championships

At age 17 - I went to Germany with a Cycling Student Exchange and raced my first international bike race

At age 18 - I biked across the country with a group of 20 College Students

At age 19 - As a college freshman I went to Collegiate Cycling Nationals

At age 20 - I competed in my first Triathlon

At age 21 - I ran my first Marathon

At age 22 - I raced my first 140.6 Ironman Triathlon

***  15 year break:Time out for marriage, 2 children, a fitness business,  a divorce...

Athlete journey PART 2

At age 37 - I raced my first 70.3 Ironman Triathlon and birthed a coveted spot to 2011 ITU Long Distance     World's Age Group Championships. That was a fun comeback! I was hooked on that success and I officially came back to racing triathlons and running events year round. 

From HEALTHY and FIT .... to diagnosed !!

At age 41 - I was only 6 weeks out from racing a 70.3 Triathlon, feeling fit but feeling my health and energy was off from "normal".  After a 30 day debilitating migraine I was diagnosed with a benign 7 year growth brain tumor, an Acoustic Neuroma, in my left ear.

Needless to say my Athletic Lifestyle as I knew it went on an immediate standstill.  My time was overtaken by doctor visits, meetings, research, etc. I dove head first into changing my nutrition, mindset and lifestyle so I could gain back my optimal health.  This took a lot of time, research, a lot of trial and error, a lot of specialists and doctors
, a lot of patience, a lot of surrender and acceptance but pushing through anyway.  Now, 2 years later, I can say that I have successfully made it to the other side of this health challenge and I am still going strong !!!

Now I can use ALL this information, resources and know-how to greater serve my clients on an even deeper more, "I have been there too" compassionate level.

"Nutrition HEALS

Mindset HEALS

Movement HEALS"

                                     ---Meredith Mills

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